Why Free Publicity Is Important For Career Women Too

Rachel Taplin At The Career SIzzle Summit

I was listening today to the amazing Rachael Taplin talking about how to get free publicity and media coverage at the start of the Career Sizzle Summit. Traditionally we tend to assume that PR and publicity are something that only business owners and large organisations will want – but that is not necessarily the case. Of course, you have to work within the constraints of your organisation and what they will ‘permit’ their employees to do in terms of getting on the media, but there are huge benefits both for the organisation and you when you become known as  a ‘go-to person’ in […] Read more »

Career Success And Your Area Of Expertise

The Business Success Factory Podcast 069

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Nicola Cairncross for her podcast ‘The Business Success Factory, which you can listen to here. Nicola is an outstanding example of someone who uses podcasting (and other social media) to expand her authority as an expert. Whether your aim is to get to the top of your profession, or to get out and start your own business, having a reputation as an authority, an expert, or the ‘go-to’ person on a particular subject is SO important. I have two areas: career success and spiritually minded business leadership. Peresonal authority, expertise and reputation […] Read more »

The Irony Of Fear Of Failure

Irony Of Fear Of Failure

I’ve just published a new post on another site called ‘How Does Fear Of Failure Affect Your Business?’. The article is all about the irony that fear of failure in business can actually lead to failure, because when we’re frightened, we often don’t do the things we need to do in order to thrive. In fact this phenomenon is as true of our career, or indeed of life in general, as it is of a business. It really is so weird that the deep-held desire to keep ourselves safe inhibits us from taking what we perceive as risks, yet that in turn […] Read more »

Thinking Of Entrepreneurship? 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Thinking of Entrepreneurship? 10 Facts you didn't Know

When we are thinking of entrepreneurship -either in terms of thinking to start our own business, or in terms of thinking the real people behind companies- we tend to have some specific stereotypes in mind. Did you know that it’s not always the case? For example, one of the most common stereotypes has to do with age. Almost everyone thinks that you have to be in your mid-twenties to be an entrepreneur, but we have already discussed that there’s no such thing as “too old to be an entrepreneur”. A Kauffman Foundation report called “The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur” proves that […] Read more »