World’s Toughest Job – You Think You Are Working Hard?

World's Toughest Job

Do you think that you are working hard? That you’re doing a tough job? Perhaps that your hard work is not even appreciated? That your day is full of difficult tasks and have no time to rest because your company or employer depends on you? I certainly know that feeling! However, checking the description of the world’s toughest job might change your perspective. Let’s look at some of the requirements of the toughest job in the world, exactly as the hiring manager described them to the candidates: mobility, high-level of stamina, constantly on your feet; seven days a week; no […] Read more »

Self-Deceit : How To Sabotage your Career Success and Happiness

If you read the biographies of successful women from Sheryl Sandberg to Karren Brady, there are various common themes that emerge. The one I’m interested in here is the sense of feeling a fraud. These ares seriously successful women who questioned whether they deserved to be in the positions they have achieved, because they have learned to tell themselves a story that women don’t deserve to be taken seriously or to reach the highest level. For years I used to deceive myself about who I was and what I wanted out of my life. I had some great stories I […] Read more »

Job Seekers Need To Stop These 5 Job Search Tactics

Job Search Tactics You Need To Stop

Happy May Day everyone! Spring has officially sprung and today‘s date has a double meaning in the Nothern hemisphere: spring festival and International Workers’ Day. If spring‘s message for a new beginning this year means a new job to you, keep reading because this article will help you a lot in your job hunting. Are you sabotaging yourself by using the ‘wrong‘ job search tactics? Whether you are looking for a career change, a different working environment, or you‘re currently unemployed and looking for a new job, chances are that as a job seeker you do have a strategy in […] Read more »

Career Spring Cleaning

It's career spring cleaning time!

Spring cleaning is the yearly act of cleaning the house from top to bottom which traditionally takes place in the first days of spring. Now it’s the time when we all clean our houses thoroughly, organise our drawers, and de-clutter our closets. I stumbled upon an article today whose author suggested a brilliant idea! Why not do some career spring cleaning as well? I believe a career-cleaning might benefit us more than we think. We tend to make plans and stick to them, trying to achieve our goals and then we realise that these goals are not in alignment with […] Read more »

The Power Of Connection When You Come From The Heart

Panoramic view of St Andrews and old St John Of Jerusalem Eye Hospital

Yesterday I had a powerful, and emotional experience that came as a result of making a connection, and it got me thinking. Then today, I received a LinkedIn message from someone who I had helped out with a free resource back in 2011.She couldn’t remember how she knew me, but my name and what the fact that I specialise in career coaching had stuck with her. And now she has an opportunity for me. That’s the power of connection when you give of yourself unconditionally. Anyway, back to yesterday, when I gave a talk to the supporters of The St […] Read more »

Easter Traditions Around The World

Easter Around The World - Easter Tree

Easter and Christmas are the two most important Christian holidays. With Easter Sunday coming in 3 days, I thought it would be a nice idea to see some of the Easter traditions and customs around the world, along with some facts. Did you know that many aspects of the celebrations pre-date Christianity with some of them having ancient roots? . . Easter Facts Date Calculation First things first, Easter is a moveable feast and the number 1 question I’ve had since my childhood is “how on earth do we know on which date Easter falls each year? Who decides it?” […] Read more »