You Were Saying You’re Too Old For A Career Change?

say hello to career change

So… You are thinking about a career change for so long now. You want to escape from a job that’s not making you happy and start your own business joining the team of the successful entrepreneurs around the world. But you never make the next step because you think you’re too old for that? Well, think again! These days, the media promote constantly the “Mark Zuckerberg model” and we read, watch and hear about entrepreneurs in their early or mid-twenties every day. But this doesn’t have to hold you back. Many successful professionals and entrepreneurs didn’t take the big step […] Read more »

April Fools’ Day 2014: The Best Of The Online World

'Gotta catch em all': April Fools' Day 2014 and Google

Thursday today and this year’s April Fools’ Day just passed. Did you pool any pranks to your friends or colleagues? Did anyone fool you? I was lucky enough not to be fooled by anyone this year, but for 4 days now I’m counting on painkillers to move around the house because my back is killing me. Not much of a luck, right? I think I should focus more on changing my working habits and try to sit even less. According to CBS News, 75% of Americans said they wouldn’t play a prank this year. Thank God April Fools’ didn’t “die” […] Read more »

Gratitude, Chocolate And Why I’m All Teary

I’ve just come back from teaching Huna to a fair sized group of delegates, and the overwhelming emotion it has left me with is one of gratitude: I am just so grateful that I get to do this, and do it in Hawai’i, and that there are so many amazing people supporting me on my journey. I’ve been teaching on Matt James’ Huna workshop for nearly 10 years now. However, its only recently that I’ve had to really step up and take myself out of my comfort zone to teach day in, day out, to teach material that I haven’t […] Read more »

Are You An Active Job Seeker? The Hidden Job Market

Are You An Active Job Seeker? The Hidden Job Market

If you are currently an active job seeker, you certainly need to take the hidden job market into consideration for maximum results in your job search. It is said that way more than half of the job vacancies are never advertised. Which means that if your job search relies only on job boards you are missing out -big time! No matter which part of the planet you live in, these hidden job markets exist all over the world, although the way they work might have some cultural differences. Understanding The Hidden Job Market So, why does the hidden job market […] Read more »

10 Toxic Habits You Need To Break Now To Be Happy

10 toxic habits you need to break now to be happy

I will begin today’s post with a question: When was the last time you felt like the woman in the picture? And by that I don’t mean running on the fields exactly (it’s not a bad idea though!). But when do you remember yourself feeling so happy? So free? Did you know that our habits have a lot to do with our happiness? That some of our behavioural patterns are holding us back? If not, stay with me to find the 10 most toxic habits you need to break now to be happy. We have already talked about habits and […] Read more »

What The Pope Can Teach Us About Leadership

What The Pope Can Teach Us About Leadership

My PhD is in spirituality and leadership, so I was really interested to read an article this morning discussing what the Pope can teach us about leadership. I’m not a Catholic, but I have been really impressed by some of the actions Pope Francis has taken. He is clearly living in accordance with his beliefs – starting with the washing of the feet of some of the most alienated people in society – and, as this article shows, he walks his talk. The research on leadership  shows clearly that people look for leaders they can trust, and authenticity (walking the […] Read more »