Career Success And Your Area Of Expertise

The Business Success Factory  Podcast 069A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Nicola Cairncross for her podcast ‘The Business Success Factory, which you can listen to here. Nicola is an outstanding example of someone who uses podcasting (and other social media) to expand her authority as an expert.

Whether your aim is to get to the top of your profession, or to get out and start your own business, having a reputation as an authority, an expert, or the ‘go-to’ person on a particular subject is SO important. I have two areas: career success and spiritually minded business leadership. Peresonal authority, expertise and reputation is something I’m looking forward to interviewing Dan Priestley about for our upcoming Career Sizzle Summit.

Dan is a master of the art of creating that go-to presence: something he calls becoming a ‘Key Person Of Influence’.

His approach is highly structured, but if you want to start the quick and dirty way, the first step is to decide what your chosen area of expertise is. It may already be glaringly obvious, but if it isn’t, then it’s time to look inside yourself, and find out what it is. The Strengths and Weaknesses exercise in my free download, ‘How To Get The Success¬†And Recognition You Deserve’ is an excellent starting point.

Once you have your area of expertise, it’s time to decide how to bottle it, package it, and let people know about it, and you. As women we’re terribly good at hiding our light under a bushel, but from a career perspective this doesn’t actually serve us.

Time to get started!

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