The Irony Of Fear Of Failure

Irony Of Fear Of Failure

I’ve just published a new post on another site called ‘How Does Fear Of Failure Affect Your Business?’. The article is all about the irony that fear of failure in business can actually lead to failure, because when we’re frightened, we often don’t do the things we need to do in order to thrive. In fact this phenomenon is as true of our career, or indeed of life in general, as it is of a business. It really is so weird that the deep-held desire to keep ourselves safe inhibits us from taking what we perceive as risks, yet that in turn […] Read more »

Do You Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway?

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Listening to the radio over the weekend, I heard an interview with someone who has undergone gender reassignment. She talked about the unhappiness of her teenage years, and the presenter remarked how wonderful it would be if you could stretch back over time, and reassure that teenager that it would all be alright. Made me think, there are times when I need to stretch back over time and draw out some of the qualities I had had a a teenager – in particular the quality of hell to the fear, just do it anyway. I was profoundly unhappy as a […] Read more »

Today’s Professional Woman Report: Career Success Is A Moving Target

Today’s Professional Woman Report

Yesterday, Citi and LinkedIn released the results of their fourth annual survey “Today’s Professional Woman Report“. This year’s survey was conducted among a sample of more than 1000 professional women and men, and -like every year- it was inspired by discussions on Citi’s LinkedIn Group “Connect: Professional Women’s Network“. The results indicate that career satisfaction is a moving target and the definition of career success is changing. See the infographic below for details. The key finding of this study is that career success doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, as most professionals believe that their career will peak in the next 2 […] Read more »

Self-Deceit : How To Sabotage your Career Success and Happiness

If you read the biographies of successful women from Sheryl Sandberg to Karren Brady, there are various common themes that emerge. The one I’m interested in here is the sense of feeling a fraud. These ares seriously successful women who questioned whether they deserved to be in the positions they have achieved, because they have learned to tell themselves a story that women don’t deserve to be taken seriously or to reach the highest level. For years I used to deceive myself about who I was and what I wanted out of my life. I had some great stories I […] Read more »