Beauty Tips & Tricks For The Holiday Season

Beauty Tips & Tricks For The Holiday Season

The holiday season has just begun and you have a lot of plans for the next ten days. Whether they are family get-togethers, going out with friends, or glamorous parties, there is no doubt that you want to look your best. Knowing that this festive season can be quite a frenzied time, I’ve collected the top 6 articles with beauty tips and tricks that will help you look gorgeous to all these under-the-mistletoe moments. 1. Murphy’s law: “If anything can go wrong, it will”. We have all experienced all these last minute disasters at least once in our life. Faith […] Read more »

“Dear Santa”

Dear Santa

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Well, children certainly do! Kendra Y. Mims in her article in ‘She Knows’, has listed some of the cutest letters to Father Christmas you will ever read! These kids’ way of thinking, and what they have to say, is just amazing! As the author says (and I couldn’t have described it better), “It’s always touching when kids think about others before themselves, especially during Christmas”. Some of them are requesting something for someone else, while others don’t ask for anything since they believe they have it all. Certainly, there’s no question whether they are […] Read more »

Why It’s Important To Find Joy And Happiness In Small Things

Joy And Happiness With A Squirrel

When I was doing clinical depression, it was almost impossible to find joy and happiness in ANYTHING, big or small. I would sit with my friends, apparently having a good time, but inside feeling sickly empty and unable to see the point or purpose in life. On the outside it looked fine; on the inside it was lonely and deeply, deeply unhappy. Because I’d lost touch with joy and happiness, I saw everything through a ‘miserable’ filter. Even when something wonderful was staring me in the face, I’d see the negative or the unhappy. One element of the road to […] Read more »

There Is Life After 50!

Is there life after 50? For my grandmother, born in 1890, to reach 50 was a miracle, and you were pretty ancient if you made it. For my mother’s generation, 50 was old. As a woman, it was only 10 years until retirement, but it was the time of ‘The Change’, when everything was supposed to stop for women. Thankfully, society’s view on this have changed, although I’m not sure about my retirement age going up to 67! I’ve heard it said that 60 is the new 50, but I’m not sure I agree. Check out this short video to […] Read more »

Ignore The Hidden Wisdom Of Your Body At Your Own Risk!

Walk Like A Queen For Career Success And Confidence

The mind-body connection is a powerful one, but whether we’re thinking about Career Success, Loving Relationships or a Happy Life, we tend to neglect the inner wisdom of the body, which is in fact profound. This has been brought home to me powerfully in the last month or so thanks to my coaching Professional Development activities. Typically, if you go to a coach or a counsellor because you need help with an issue, you’ll focus on your thoughts. There might be the odd question like ‘where do you feel that in your body’ but this is not the commonest approach. […] Read more »