Do You Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway?

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Listening to the radio over the weekend, I heard an interview with someone who has undergone gender reassignment. She talked about the unhappiness of her teenage years, and the presenter remarked how wonderful it would be if you could stretch back over time, and reassure that teenager that it would all be alright. Made me think, there are times when I need to stretch back over time and draw out some of the qualities I had had a a teenager – in particular the quality of hell to the fear, just do it anyway. I was profoundly unhappy as a […] Read more »

Gratitude, Chocolate And Why I’m All Teary

I’ve just come back from teaching Huna to a fair sized group of delegates, and the overwhelming emotion it has left me with is one of gratitude: I am just so grateful that I get to do this, and do it in Hawai’i, and that there are so many amazing people supporting me on my journey. I’ve been teaching on Matt James’ Huna workshop for nearly 10 years now. However, its only recently that I’ve had to really step up and take myself out of my comfort zone to teach day in, day out, to teach material that I haven’t […] Read more »

The Healing Power Of Woo-Woo: Hawaiian Style

Healing Hawaii Beach

Twice a year I come to Hawai’i to study and teach Huna, the life philosophy of the Hawaiians. And that’s where I am right now. I feel enormously privileged to be here, and to be able to do this. It’s always hectic, particularly once the students start turning up, and I have to put energy into ensuring that everything is in place for them to have a really great experience, yet each time I do this, I grow too. It’s always a salutary reminder of just how rewarding it is to support others in their journey. Huna’s been a lifesaver […] Read more »

Do You Feel Bored With Life?

Feeling Bored With Life

Most people feel bored, or at least feel a certain kind of sameness in their lives from time to time, but for many, that ‘I feel bored with life’ feeling is par for the course. It’s perpetual, it never seems to go away. It’s living life in the grey zone. Same stuff, different day syndrome (SSDD). I’ve certainly experienced that in the past. I can think of three extended periods since I was 16 where I craved frequent excitement or just something different. And sometimes getting off my face with my mates seemed the only way to accomplish it. I […] Read more »