Female Leadership: The Most Undervalued Traits

female leadership

It’s not such a long time ago that we wrote about a piece of research on female leadership , where we saw that people have actually started to recognise women as leaders. After our last post on Top Qualities Of Effective Leaders, I wanted to come back on the subject of female leadership. And, believe me, not without reason! I received an email on Monday night telling me I had to read a great article published some days ago on Forbes. To be completely honest with you, even as I’m writing this, I have already read the article 4 times! And […] Read more »

Brian Tracy – Top Qualities Of Effective Leaders

Qualities Of Effective Leaders Brian Tracy

Moodling round the internet, looking for ideas for a summit a colleague and I are creating (more of that to come), I came across an article and video by Brian Tracy on the Top Qualities Of Effective Leaders. Since my PhD thesis is on Leadership and Spirituality, I’m always curious to find out what other people have to say on the subject of Leadership. As well as being a personal development expert, Tracy is also a super salesman, so this recent article on leadership is very much geared up to selling his book. However, he does know a thing or […] Read more »

Career Success And Personal Branding: Self-Promotion 101

career success

It might surprise you, but personal branding is much more important for your career success than you think. No matter how hard you work and how good you are at what you do, if you don’t pay attention to your personal branding, achieving career success will be rather difficult. Personal Branding and Self-Promotion What’s the connection to career success? Why do we need to promote ourselves in order to succeed? It is a fact that there are a lot of people (most of them women) who truly hate to talk about themselves; what they do, what they know, what they […] Read more »

Best Jobs For Women

best jobs for women

What were the best jobs for women in 2013 and what are the predictions for this and the coming years? Some years ago, if a girl wanted to work there weren’t many options. Nowadays women are working in all fields. From factory workers to CEOs, and from police officers to pilots, women can be found in every working environment. And it is not uncommon in our century for females to run the household finances, and -more recently- to run businesses. But what are the best jobs for women these days? What were the most high-paying career options last year? What […] Read more »

Professional Leadership Development: 5 Encouraging Signs For Women

leadership development

Great news for women who are committed to their professional leadership development and aim to be bosses! According to Aaron Guerrero’s article in US News, “trends are slightly moving in the favor of females who want to lead“. I particularly enjoyed the part where the author refers to a Pew Research Center survey. Its results showed that Americans rate women superior to men in many leadership qualities, and believe that they are equal to them in some others. With women being the minority among business leaders, I find this study quite encouraging. It was about time for people to understand […] Read more »