Personal Career Coaching

Like the private VIP Career Breakthrough, the Personal Career Coaching programme is tailored to the needs of the client. We don’t follow a single specific process: we adopt the approach that will bring you the greatest results most quickly.

Why The Personal Career Coaching Programme?

One of the challenges of coaching is that life sometimes gets in the way. And when this happens, the coaching loses momentum. I know this both from my own experience as a client and from over 15 years’ experience as a coach. As a consequence, you either don’t get the results you want, or you do, but you need more sessions because you’re always playing catch up.

For this reason, I offer Career Coaching as a 3 month programme. It is results driven and highly focussed…on you. We track your progress towards your vision – and if your purpose on joining the programme is to find your vision, then that’s what we work on.

What’s Involved In The Personal Career Coaching Programme?

We spend the first session figuring out what you want to achieve, and identifying the blocks and obstacles you currently face. We agree actions for you to take between sessions to help you accelerate your progress, and we take steps to eliminate those blocks and obstacles. You create a map of what you want, and this guides the direction of the programme. You are in control, under my expert guidance. We review how you’re doing on a regular basis to ensure you get the results you wanted on that first day.

Very often, clients get the results they want long before the end of the programme, so we create new goals to REALLY kick things up to the next level.

It’s perfectly suited to the smart, ambitious, professional women  who is committed to taking her career to the next level, or make major changes, but wants to do it more slowly, for personal or professional reasons.

By the end of the programme you’ll have created or clarified your vision for your career and your life. You will have taken actions to make the changes you need to make in order to realise your vision. You will have a road map, and you’ll be clear about your next steps. Depending on your personal timescales, you may already have got that promotion or made that career leap you always dreamt of.

How I Have Helped Previous Clients

I have helped clients overcome a wide variety of challenges, including:

  • Finding a clear direction and vision for the future.
  • Making a clear choice about the future direction of the business.
  • Deciding whether to go for a particular promotion and career direction.
  • Identifying and getting the right sort of job and the right sort or opportunity .
  • Dealing with self-confidence issues.
  • Figuring out a clear career strategy.
  • Creating a strategy to better balance family and work.
  • Identifying and releasing  negative beliefs.
  • Negotiating business terms from a position of real strength.

The Personal Career Coaching programme is  tailored to YOUR challenges, and your dreams. This is the only level of extended one-to-one work available.

What Is Included?

The Personal Career Coaching programme includes the following:

  • An initial, complimentary half hour Skype session to identify your goals for the programme, and the challenges you currently face to be where you want to in your career.
  • 2 one hour personal coaching sessions a month over Skype for 3 months
  • Ongoing Skype/email support.
  • Membership of a private Facebook members’ group
  • Access to the ‘How To Have A Career That Really Works For You online programme.

Required Investment

The Personal Career Coaching programme is £497/month for 3 months. If you pay in full up front, your investment is reduced by £291 to £1200.

I limit the number of clients I work with, so that I can give each and every one my full attention. I accept a maximum of 12 clients into the Personal Career Coaching programme at any one time.

How to Apply

The Personal Career Coaching programme is perfect for those who like to reflect, and take a little more time to get the results they want, for those who are undecided about what they want for themselves in their career or their lives, and for those who planning to make a career change, but are on an extended notice period.

To find out more, contact us today.