45 Pieces Of Advice For Career Success

career success

Career success is the number one goal for most professionals. Whether they are lower-level employees, members of the C-suite, or even entrepreneurs, what they want –what we all want actually- is to be successful at what we do. That could mean earn that promotion we’re after, a pay raise, increase our sales, generate more leads… and the list goes on. Sometimes, when we have to make choices or just need help to stay focused, a piece of advice can be truly beneficial. What about a few more pieces? These nice folks on ‘The Daily Muse’ have compiled a list of […] Read more »

Do You Want To Get A Promotion?

promotion and raise

Are you thinking of asking for a promotion? Perhaps you’re too long in your current position and after all your hard work you believe you deserve to get promoted? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, today’s blog post is for you.   How to receive a promotion in 30 days If you are planning to ask for a promotion, this article in Glassdoor has everything you need. Heather Huhman has crafted a 6-step guide to help you land a promotion in 30 days. Don’t forget to sell yourself properly. You can’t always rely on others to recognise […] Read more »

Career Spring Cleaning

It's career spring cleaning time!

Spring cleaning is the yearly act of cleaning the house from top to bottom which traditionally takes place in the first days of spring. Now it’s the time when we all clean our houses thoroughly, organise our drawers, and de-clutter our closets. I stumbled upon an article today whose author suggested a brilliant idea! Why not do some career spring cleaning as well? I believe a career-cleaning might benefit us more than we think. We tend to make plans and stick to them, trying to achieve our goals and then we realise that these goals are not in alignment with […] Read more »

It’s Annual Career Development Plan And Self-Evaluation Time!

Career development

Have you sat down with your manager yet to work on a career development plan? The month of January is often the time for your annual career development conversation (for some companies this is done at the of the year, in December, rather than the beginning, or is tied in with the organisation’s financial year). Self-evaluation is the KEY to career development In most cases, companies ask their employees to complete self-evaluations for their managers to review. This is a great opportunity to communicate with your supervisor and remind him or her all the things you have accomplished throughout the […] Read more »

Career Development Tips: 6 Things You Should Accomplish Your First Year At A New Job

Career Development

If you have finally made the big decision to change your a career and you have just started your new job, you will need to focus on your career development in your new position. Whether you have 15 years working experience or you are an entry-level employee, you will find this article from ‘Ms. Career Girl’ to be truly beneficial. Tanya Kertsman lists six things that should be accomplished within the first year at a new job, in order to help you build your career and establish your future success. “There are some key milestones that every new employee should […] Read more »