Thinking Of Entrepreneurship? 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Thinking of Entrepreneurship? 10 Facts you didn't Know

When we are thinking of entrepreneurship -either in terms of thinking to start our own business, or in terms of thinking the real people behind companies- we tend to have some specific stereotypes in mind. Did you know that it’s not always the case? For example, one of the most common stereotypes has to do with age. Almost everyone thinks that you have to be in your mid-twenties to be an entrepreneur, but we have already discussed that there’s no such thing as “too old to be an entrepreneur”. A Kauffman Foundation report called “The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur” proves that […] Read more »

You Were Saying You’re Too Old For A Career Change?

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So… You are thinking about a career change for so long now. You want to escape from a job that’s not making you happy and start your own business joining the team of the successful entrepreneurs around the world. But you never make the next step because you think you’re too old for that? Well, think again! These days, the media promote constantly the “Mark Zuckerberg model” and we read, watch and hear about entrepreneurs in their early or mid-twenties every day. But this doesn’t have to hold you back. Many successful professionals and entrepreneurs didn’t take the big step […] Read more »

Are You Too Old To Be An Entrepreneur (by Neil Asher)

Are You Too Old To Be An Entrepreneur?

One of the options for anyone wanting to change career is to be an entrepreneur. One of the things that stops people from even thinking about becoming an entrepreneur is the idea that it’s a young person’s game, that anyone over 30 has no chance. A couple of weeks ago I was at an internet marketing seminar where I swear the average age was about 60. They clearly thought you could become an entrepreneur later on in life. Yesterday, this great email arrived in my inbox from one of my mentors, Neil Asher. Neil has a Digital Marketing Agency, called […] Read more »