The Irony Of Fear Of Failure

Irony Of Fear Of Failure

I’ve just published a new post on another site called ‘How Does Fear Of Failure Affect Your Business?’. The article is all about the irony that fear of failure in business can actually lead to failure, because when we’re frightened, we often don’t do the things we need to do in order to thrive. In fact this phenomenon is as true of our career, or indeed of life in general, as it is of a business. It really is so weird that the deep-held desire to keep ourselves safe inhibits us from taking what we perceive as risks, yet that in turn […] Read more »

Does a shorter working week make for sustainability?

There’s a lot of talk going on in UK just now about the shorter working week, and whether it might contribute to sustainability.  It’s partly down to a report produced by the think-tank, nef (new economics foundation – trendy in lower letters!). The Independent Newspaper  kindly boils the report down to half a page. The general argument is that in the UK we work harder than many of our European colleagues. Not as hard as folks in the US, but hard. Harder than we were 30 years ago, apparently.  The nef thinks that a move down to a 21-hour working […] Read more »