The Power Of Connection When You Come From The Heart

Panoramic view of St Andrews and old St John Of Jerusalem Eye Hospital

Yesterday I had a powerful, and emotional experience that came as a result of making a connection, and it got me thinking. Then today, I received a LinkedIn message from someone who I had helped out with a free resource back in 2011.She couldn’t remember how she knew me, but my name and what the fact that I specialise in career coaching had stuck with her. And now she has an opportunity for me. That’s the power of connection when you give of yourself unconditionally. Anyway, back to yesterday, when I gave a talk to the supporters of The St […] Read more »

Gratitude, Chocolate And Why I’m All Teary

I’ve just come back from teaching Huna to a fair sized group of delegates, and the overwhelming emotion it has left me with is one of gratitude: I am just so grateful that I get to do this, and do it in Hawai’i, and that there are so many amazing people supporting me on my journey. I’ve been teaching on Matt James’ Huna workshop for nearly 10 years now. However, its only recently that I’ve had to really step up and take myself out of my comfort zone to teach day in, day out, to teach material that I haven’t […] Read more »

10 Toxic Habits You Need To Break Now To Be Happy

10 toxic habits you need to break now to be happy

I will begin today’s post with a question: When was the last time you felt like the woman in the picture? And by that I don’t mean running on the fields exactly (it’s not a bad idea though!). But when do you remember yourself feeling so happy? So free? Did you know that our habits have a lot to do with our happiness? That some of our behavioural patterns are holding us back? If not, stay with me to find the 10 most toxic habits you need to break now to be happy. We have already talked about habits and […] Read more »

Success And Happiness: What Is The Connection? Which Comes First?

success and happiness

If you have attended our free webinar “How To Have A Career That Really Works For You”, you already know the truth about success and happiness and how they are connected. The fact is that it doesn’t apply to career success only, but in every aspect of your life, as well. So, what’s the connection between success and happiness? Which comes first? We all have heard phrases like “If only I could get a raise! Then I would be happy”. Chances are we have all made similar thoughts. We are raised to believe that if we succeed, then we will […] Read more »

Write A Different Love Letter For Valentine’s Day

love letter for valentine's day

Chances are you’ve already written a card or a love letter for Valentine’s Day. It’s tomorrow after all! And I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t your first time. However, this year I want to challenge you to do something that I’m certain you haven’t done before. I know you are familiar with the whole “process”. Buying chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, or cute heart-shaped gifts and writing a card or a love letter for Valentine’s Day. It’s a way of showing your feelings to your loved ones. Whether it is your spouse, your boyfriend, or anyone else (I used to buy […] Read more »