Do You Feel Bored With Life?

Feeling Bored With Life

Most people feel bored, or at least feel a certain kind of sameness in their lives from time to time, but for many, that ‘I feel bored with life’ feeling is par for the course. It’s perpetual, it never seems to go away. It’s living life in the grey zone. Same stuff, different day syndrome (SSDD). I’ve certainly experienced that in the past. I can think of three extended periods since I was 16 where I craved frequent excitement or just something different. And sometimes getting off my face with my mates seemed the only way to accomplish it. I […] Read more »

4 Signs It’s Time For A Career Change

career change

Have you ever considered that the solution to your work-related problems might be a career change? If your career does not fulfil you, if you are not passionate about what you do, happiness might feel like a utopian location far away from where you stand. If you are not happy with the path you have chosen to walk on, it is difficult to achieve career success -at least a long lasting one-! Don’t forget that our job takes 80% of our time daily. This is why a career change can be a life saver. You can’t expect to achieve happiness […] Read more »

Happy New Year 2014 From The Career Success Doctor

Happy New Year

Today being 1st January 2014, I wanted to wish you all a very happy New Year 2014. May this year be everything you could wish for. At this time of year I find it useful to reflect – on what’s happened in the year just gone, and what I want to happen in the year to come. We’re past the solstice, so the days are lengthening, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. While it’s not quite true to say that Spring is around the corner, it’s a great time to feel optimistic. 2013 has been a year of recovery for […] Read more »

New Year Career Resolutions

New Year Career Resolutions

Now that 2013 departs and 2014 is upon us, it’s the time of the year we are establishing our career resolutions and goals for the coming year. Apart from losing weight, falling in love, or saving money, research shows that career-related New Year’s resolutions are in the top ten most popular ones. According to Forbes, “Many people go into a New Year with resolutions or goals for their career for the next 12 months“. Dan Miller in his article in, lists 10 New Year career resolutions that will help you have your dream job, whether your goal is to […] Read more »