So You Think YOUR Boss Is Unsupportive Of Women Managers?

Less than 10% of Women managers in Japan

Like many of us, I’ve had my share of unsupportive bosses, particularly those who are keen to promote a man rather than a woman. I know that in many societies it’s a real struggle to get recognition as a a professional if you happen to be female. And today I discovered just how bad it is for women managers in Japan. An article in the HBR blog (what a great resource their online version is, by the way) reveals that, along with South Korea, Japan has the lowest rate of women managers in the developed world at around 10%. Note, […] Read more »

Any One For Ice-Cream? Leadership At Udderlicious

Leadership at Udderlicious Ice-cream

Leadership is a quality that just about any job paying a reasonable salary requires, but employers can be so vague about what it means. Yesterday I was facilitating a networking event for Islington Chamber of Commerce’s Women In Business club. The topic was Personal Leadership. We took over a family-owned business – an ice-cream parlour (Udderlicious, 187 Upper Street if you go near Islington in London, England), which has only been open for 2 months. As facilitator, I asked the owners to talk about their journey to opening the shop and the challengers they face, to see what lessons could […] Read more »

If You’re Preparing For Interview, Here’s Something You Need To Know

If you’re preparing for interview, it’s easy to focus on the material – the questions they might ask and the words and phrases you’ll use to answer them. While that’s a valid part of any interview preparation, there are things that you can do that will totally transform how you perform at interview. But you also have to pay attention to body language, which is what this TED talk by Amy Cuddy is all about. Funnily enough, it follows on nicely from a post I wrote last week on the hidden wisdom of your body. I had no awareness of […] Read more »