Career Success And Your Area Of Expertise

The Business Success Factory Podcast 069

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Nicola Cairncross for her podcast ‘The Business Success Factory, which you can listen to here. Nicola is an outstanding example of someone who uses podcasting (and other social media) to expand her authority as an expert. Whether your aim is to get to the top of your profession, or to get out and start your own business, having a reputation as an authority, an expert, or the ‘go-to’ person on a particular subject is SO important. I have two areas: career success and spiritually minded business leadership. Peresonal authority, expertise and reputation […] Read more »

45 Pieces Of Advice For Career Success

career success

Career success is the number one goal for most professionals. Whether they are lower-level employees, members of the C-suite, or even entrepreneurs, what they want –what we all want actually- is to be successful at what we do. That could mean earn that promotion we’re after, a pay raise, increase our sales, generate more leads… and the list goes on. Sometimes, when we have to make choices or just need help to stay focused, a piece of advice can be truly beneficial. What about a few more pieces? These nice folks on ‘The Daily Muse’ have compiled a list of […] Read more »

Today’s Professional Woman Report: Career Success Is A Moving Target

Today’s Professional Woman Report

Yesterday, Citi and LinkedIn released the results of their fourth annual survey “Today’s Professional Woman Report“. This year’s survey was conducted among a sample of more than 1000 professional women and men, and -like every year- it was inspired by discussions on Citi’s LinkedIn Group “Connect: Professional Women’s Network“. The results indicate that career satisfaction is a moving target and the definition of career success is changing. See the infographic below for details. The key finding of this study is that career success doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, as most professionals believe that their career will peak in the next 2 […] Read more »

Self-Deceit : How To Sabotage your Career Success and Happiness

If you read the biographies of successful women from Sheryl Sandberg to Karren Brady, there are various common themes that emerge. The one I’m interested in here is the sense of feeling a fraud. These ares seriously successful women who questioned whether they deserved to be in the positions they have achieved, because they have learned to tell themselves a story that women don’t deserve to be taken seriously or to reach the highest level. For years I used to deceive myself about who I was and what I wanted out of my life. I had some great stories I […] Read more »

Success And Happiness: What Is The Connection? Which Comes First?

success and happiness

If you have attended our free webinar “How To Have A Career That Really Works For You”, you already know the truth about success and happiness and how they are connected. The fact is that it doesn’t apply to career success only, but in every aspect of your life, as well. So, what’s the connection between success and happiness? Which comes first? We all have heard phrases like “If only I could get a raise! Then I would be happy”. Chances are we have all made similar thoughts. We are raised to believe that if we succeed, then we will […] Read more »