Career Success And Your Area Of Expertise

The Business Success Factory Podcast 069

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Nicola Cairncross for her podcast ‘The Business Success Factory, which you can listen to here. Nicola is an outstanding example of someone who uses podcasting (and other social media) to expand her authority as an expert. Whether your aim is to get to the top of your profession, or to get out and start your own business, having a reputation as an authority, an expert, or the ‘go-to’ person on a particular subject is SO important. I have two areas: career success and spiritually minded business leadership. Peresonal authority, expertise and reputation […] Read more »

Is Having Your Own Business A Viable Career?

Having Your Own Business

Recently, a number of women who have asked for a Career Quickstart conversation with me have mentioned, almost in passing, that they would one to start up their own business, but ‘can’t afford to do it’. Which prompted me to write a few words about how you can set up your own business, and become an entrepreneur, in an affordable way. This is Part 1. Now there is a caveat. It does take a particular mindset to run your own business. I’ve been doing it for 15 years, and have spent a lot of the rest of my  life either […] Read more »