You Were Saying You’re Too Old For A Career Change?

say hello to career changeSo… You are thinking about a career change for so long now. You want to escape from a job that’s not making you happy and start your own business joining the team of the successful entrepreneurs around the world.

But you never make the next step because you think you’re too old for that? Well, think again!

These days, the media promote constantly the “Mark Zuckerberg model” and we read, watch and hear about entrepreneurs in their early or mid-twenties every day.

But this doesn’t have to hold you back. Many successful professionals and entrepreneurs didn’t take the big step to a career change, until their thirties, or even fifties!

In the infographic below, by ‘Funders and Founders’, you’ll find great success stories for inspiration.

The best one is Ray Kroc’s story (the founder of McDonald’s). He was selling paper cups and milkshake mixers until the age of 52! And then he built an empire! Still think you’re too old?

Andrea Bocelli and Harrison Ford were both doing different jobs until their 30’s and yet, they became famous! Mary Kay Ash was selling books door-to-door until she was 45.

So what if you’re 35, 45, 55? There is still time to do what you really love and start your own business! Entrepreneurship isn’t for millennials only. Have a look at the infographic below and be inspired. Stop thinking about a career change, and start making actions!



career change and entrepreneurship after the age of 30 - infographic

Infographic Source: Funders And Founders.


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